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Zaje Currency


Zaje’s Currency is a track that fuses a passionate and multi-layered backdrop with a confident and rhythmic leading vocal performance that takes inspiration from the likes of Empire State of Mind. The sound is big, the energy rises high throughout as the ambiance brings together a number of synths and riffs ranging from the bottom to the top, creating something vibrant and chaotic.

On top of the backdrop, Zaje brings a level of swagger and volume to the scene with short, concise lines that list her values in a way that appears pretty closely connected to hip hop. There are a number of different genres hinted at throughout this single, but what you take away from it for the most part, and this includes the accompanying video, is a sense of personality or character from the artist. As a rapper would, Zaje works with the beat to pour her ideas and declarations through in an unapologetic way. It gives the music a sense of leadership, in some respects. The almighty sound of the track itself as it starts to play and indeed right through to the end is the sort that reinforces this feeling.

You could pick up on that tone and weight of the track from the other side of the hall, the very second the song starts to play you get a sense of the general vibe implied by it. If this single is anything to go by, audiences can expect more of the same energizing, unstoppable vibrancy and intensity throughout Zaje’s new album. She has a sound of her own for sure, her voice has a lot of individuality about it right now, and the track too leans in that same direction.

Check out the album Second Month of Summer now via iTunes. Find & follow Zaje on Facebook & Instagram. Visit her Website for more info.

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