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Zadar The Upstairs Room


Driving with an interesting fusion of grunge-esque guitar work and something like freestyle sound-play, Zadar introduces an indie-rock anthem that intrigues and satisfies with ease.

Offering up a Brit-pop-inspired, punk-rock vocal lead, distant and soaked in reverb, The Upstairs Room reignites the sound of yesteryear, and presents listeners with a likably raw, authentic live sound that’s been greatly missed throughout much of 2020.

Underneath all of this, beyond the stylistic details and infectious riff, lies a song that captivates and engages. The very title and potential concept feels fresh, and captures attention from the outset for its unusual nature.

As the vocal fills in the gaps, with this chant-like classic indie confidence and volume, the lyrics lay bare a sense of isolation and uncertainty. It’s a boldly emotional, poetic and honest display of vulnerability, and all of this gives the song a certain addictive sense of longing and realness.

Simplicity and boldness over melody and progression, The Upstairs Room is an outcry of human depth and emotion, and its very set-up and clear energy and passion underline these intentions pretty perfectly.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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