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Z.T. Today


Refreshing production unites beautifully delicate guitar-play with heavier trap rhythms and bass, as rapper and artist Z.T. proceeds to pour out his soul and vulnerability, for Today.

Musically ambient and memorable for its raw acoustic undertone, Today goes on to introduce a distinctly recognizable rapper and vocalist. The flow is somewhat unedited or freestyle-esque to a degree, varied and often indicative of a stream of consciousness kind of writing – rather than something more routinely structured and mainstream. The effect of this is that it feels authentically like a diary reading or a letter to a significant other, uninhibited and unafraid to focus entirely on the pain and poetic expression at its core.

That authenticity works in unison with the recording style and the sentiments of the song, and ultimately helps Today hit with thought-provoking impact. The song touches on the all-too-familiar severity of suicidal thoughts or self-destruction, in light of relationship struggles and the search for self, and that personal touch is everything in bringing Z.T’s story to life in a genuine way.

Find more from Z.T. via YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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