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Yvonne Sangudi MistaRomeo


Yvonne Sangudi introduces a confident and colourful approach to dance-hall and modern pop with the single MistaRomeo. Taking hints of inspiration from the likes of Shakira, there’s a definite level of energy and personality to the song that gives it a unique edge. Furthermore, from a songwriting perspective, the hook has a simplicity about it that hits hard and makes certain you remember and recognise it.

Musically this song does indeed bring a little dance-hall to the scene, the verses in particular present a cascading musical ambiance that’s multi-layered and seemingly made up of more than just your average pop-meets-dance synths. You can visualize the live performance, there’s a big-band feel to the aura of the track, which gives it something of an organic and widely enjoyable vibe. At the same time, the electronic elements – particularly during the song’s middle-eight section – add an edge of EDM. Sangudi’s vocals adjust to this change in direction by offering a grittier bit of performance – something she manages to cater to throughout the entire song. Her vocals are outstanding, never failing to meet the requirements of the moment, whether meandering and soulful or quick and edgy. There are dashes of hip hop to much of the track, even leaning in a slight Gwen Stefani direction on occasion, all of which furthers that inherent sense of personality and energy.

Conceptually the song deals with relationship regrets – falling too easily, not taking the advice of those around you, and ending up getting burned. The hook resolves and explains it all in a simple and, as stated, hard hitting way. This is the part you take away with you after listening – these higher moments of melody have weight to them, the short lines drive with power, and you’re left with a pretty clear picture of the kind of personal MistaRomeo would be.

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