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Yvette Lopez Rompe Me


Exotic dance vibes bring tropical flavours together with intimate, almost whispered vocals, as Yvette Lopez enchants and engages, for Rompe Me.

World flavours in rhythm and synth join forces to back up this consistently evolving soundscape – professionally crafted yet impressively creative at the same time. What appears to be a catchy dance floor-filler proves on closer inspection to be a beautifully intricate design, complete with a sax solo, fingerstyle Spanish guitar, and plenty of space to breathe.

Written with a clear pop core in terms of the familiar structure and the effective build up and shift from verse to chorus, Rompe Me is both gentle and uplifting; depending on what you need from it. The lyrics and title are intriguing, mysterious and aptly seductive. As such, this could either be the intimate, sultry go-to for time spent at home, or the more energising group gear-up for the start of a heavy weekend.

That versatility is key, and meanwhile Yvette Lopez puts in a distinct and seductive performance every step of the way. It’s the kind of voice that will most likely emerge as recognisable across all future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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