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YungFlán FD7Y


Dreamy production of a colourful, melodically creative aura meets with smooth RnB vocals and uplifting rhythms throughout this brand new EP from YungFlán.

Kicking off with the inescapably catchy Famous, that RnB hook leads well alongside the trap rhythm and fragments of euphoric synth and detail in the outskirts.

During the verse we get a touch of nostalgic garage in a faster vocal outpouring, and elsewhere the song meanders and toys with the audio, panning left and right for a cinematic feel – ultimately keeping things comforting yet artistic and unpredictable; a trait that stands tall throughout FD7Y.

Drive Thru follows the opener and we’re in late-night, dark and mellow territory. The voice is familiar, the beat heavier, a clear thread of hip hop woven in. Another melodic hook quickly connects, piano in the backdrop adding further creative appeal – delicacy and intensity appearing intermittently for the true power of contrast.

With 741 the mood is briefly poignant, contemplative, before the beat and the voice toy with rhythm and pace. Always the performance and production are faultless, immersive and blending the sounds of yesteryear and today in a likeable manner. At the same time, YungFlán has a style – a recognisable identity – and this makes all the difference.

Youth closes things down with electro-pop sound-play, descending melodies and spoken-word segments to really set the scene. This one’s creatively interesting as ever, lyrically questioning, musically minimalist with a hint of organic oriental vibes. Beautifully peaceful, breathy and calming, inspiring a sense of possibility in times of struggle – talking openly on depression in a relatable, powerful way.

An easy highlight and unexpectedly so as the final song of the project. This one shines new light on the artist, connecting with audiences for its openness, vulnerability, purity, and that strong artistic thread. Brilliant – a great way to go out and a personal favourite from the FD7Y collection.

Download or stream FD7Y here. Check out YungFlán on TikTok & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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