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Yung Wavii Come Over (Feat. Tai Smoove)


Yung Wavii and Tai Smoove collaborate for this reasonably well-crafted and smooth new single Come Over. Offering up a structurally impressive few minutes of music and performance, the track moves skillfully from the seductively melodic hook to the musically stripped-back and rhythmic rap verses – helping build something that feels like it consistently evolves.

The song’s concept is pretty clear throughout, the main thread is this story-line – and whichever voice steps up to the mic rightfully sticks to the subject at hand to help keep things relevant. For those looking for a smooth RnB vibe to accompany nights spent at home with a significant other, Come Over offers up exactly what the title promises.

The beat has a classic vibe to it, not purely hip hop inspired but leaning in that RnB or soul-pop direction and leaving plenty of space for the artists to work their flow and their storylines within. The whole thing has a solid groove, easy going and fairly minimalist in many ways, so for the most part it’s down to the lyrical deliveries to create a sense of movement and to present enough detail in terms of the underlying theme to hold tight to your attention.

When all is said and done, Come Over has an effective hook – maybe it’s a niche sound but it works, the long-form melodic moment towards the end of this section helps give the track a sense of identity, which, in turn, makes it all the more recognisable. The later contrast between this and the rapped verses too builds further on the general level of character that the release manages to maintain.

Yung Wavii and Tai Smoove have a clearly shared intention throughout the track, so it’s a fitting and impressive collaboration – it seems and sounds as natural as it needs to.

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