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Yung Jay We Love (Prod. Honchobeatz)


Yung Jay lights up the room with his flow and vocal style on this latest release. Offering up more character than ever, a relentlessly uplifting, energizing rhythm and pace, and an underlying beat that’s genuinely colourful and melodically on point – We Love kicks in with brightness and style and never lets up until it’s over.

Adding further fuel to the fire is the fact that there’s a quickly memorable and enjoyable groove to the song’s hook. Though it rarely appears – the track in full is barely over two minutes long – it hits the mark and makes certain you get into it and remember it for next time. In between this are those bars, those verses that showcase an absolute performance – far from a mere lyrical reading. Yung Jay breathes life into the track, and that breath holds on until the end.

Opening and closing with that hook is a simple choice, it’s an effective melody – nothing groundbreaking but it doesn’t need to be; the details in the beat and the subsequent story and poetry all fill in the gaps and add everything that hits hard. It’s a track that sounds great in itself, good vibes and a certain sense of optimism and confidence come through. At the same time, Yung Jay impresses at every step – this is likely to be the one that seals the deal for anyone who wasn’t sure if they were a fan yet. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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