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Yun Fei Glory and Joy


An audio journey to lift you from your lull – Yun Fei crafts an all-consuming work of art; organic layers of oriental instrumentation and tribal rhythms, presenting an uplifting and aptly celebratory listen, for Glory.

Simple in style but featuring the complex unity of layers and a clear sense of instrumental story, Glory offers a cinematic venture of intricate details, inflections and tones, all depicted in real-time for the authentic clarity of a live mini orchestra.

It’s a light groove and one that switches gears and tempo at the half-way point, first elevating then calming the listener, to lead us well into the second single of notably more vast and immersive depth.

For Joy, the mood and style remain, but a fresh story and celebration take hold – layers of strings both drawn out and quick-fingered, create a sense of lightness and possibility that increasingly awaken and energize the soul.

Faultlessly crafted, effectively bringing together an historical nostalgia with a new melodic story and interesting progressions from fullness to quiet and back, the final quarter of Joy is particularly powerful, near euphoric at its peak. The arrangement relays this rising anticipation with the aptly joyful qualities of musical passion and precision all skillfully intertwined.

Fantastic music, theatrical and imaginative, not to mention cleanly produced for that wholly engaging audio experience – allowing you to turn up the volume and escape entirely into the moment.

Yun Fei showcases a masterful approach to modern composition, raising the bar with natural talent and keeping things interesting throughout – though never at the cost of emotional relevance; far from it.

Both Glory and Joy feel intimate and epic all at once, providing either the instrumental ambiance to back up your day, or the go-to motivation and positivity required to take steps towards a brighter tomorrow.

Donwload Glory and Joy via Apple. Find Yun Fei on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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