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Yuheng Yan Award Winning Composer & Musician For Films, TV & Video Games


Lifelong composer, multi-instrumentalist, mixing engineer and artist Yuheng Yan has carved out a uniquely impressive name for himself within the creative realms of TV and Film. His unique ability to capture the precise emotions and sentiments of any given story or scene provides an unrivalled celebration of the power and beauty of music in bringing visual elements to life, and has earned his catalogue a multitude of award nominations and wins.

Noting extensive contributions to Film and TV in recent years, Yuheng Yan has worked on a range of projects varying in both style and substance. The Australian Documentary Blazeaid: Spreading Like Wildfire provided an essential exploration of how communities rebuild after a wildfire – something that’s increasingly impacting more and more parts of our planet.

Then on the flip side, Yuheng’s work in creating music to sync with stories was showcased within the likes of the 2021 film One Last Night In Austin, Texasa multi-award-winning coming of age story, which achieved massive critical acclaim across the globe, and allowed him to develop and underline a completely different side of his creativity.

In 2024, Yuheng worked as the musician and score technical engineer for the Annie Award-Nominated film composer Dominic Lewis, for the Netflix movie Lift. One of his main responsibilities here was creative sound design and creating custom instrument patches, which solidified the film’s Hip-hop influenced music score. Yuheng also worked alongside Lewis for the hit movie The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt.

Yuheng has also recently provided musical contributions for HBO’s Hit TV Show My Adventures With Superman – a Warner Bros’ modern remake of the classic superhero story. His contributions to this score included writing and recording all of the heavy metal guitar parts, which helped define the score’s modern musical influences; combining John Williams-style orchestral writing with heavy metal influences.

In addition, Yuheng contributed extensively to Disney’s TV Series Monsters At Work Season 2; a polar-opposite achievement which, in line with such an array of projects, helps highlight the bold diversity of his artistic intent.

Born and raised in Chongqing, China, currently based in Los Angeles, Yuheng began his musical journey at just eight years of age, taking piano lessons from highly-regarded teachers. At fifteen he took on guitar performance and music production as extensions of his learning, and just three years later was accepted to study Film Scoring and Music Performance at the renowned Berklee College of Music. During this time, Yuheng was blessed with the chance to work with award-winning composers like Tim Huling and Claudio Ragazzi, and was inspired and educated to a level that ignited the passion and self-belief to propel him towards ongoing success in his field.

As a recognised contributor to some of modern Film and TV’s most evocative and memorable works, Yuheng’s musical reach spans from simple acoustic expressions to fully-loaded orchestral, rock, and electronic arrangements. His versatility as a composer is an essential trait of his uninhibited approach to creating the perfect soundscape to immerse and engage with listeners and viewers as per the stages of each tale.

All of Yuheng’s opportunities thus far have not only helped him to build an impressive repertoire, but have categorically helped shape him into one of our generation’s most inspired and limitless artists. His skills in everything from perspective to design have been sharpened with each new project, and his understanding of music and the power it holds has grown exponentially – a quality that shines brightly through each and every endeavour he takes on.

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