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Young $oL Ringtones


Young $ol’s Ringtones is a breakthrough single that grows more impressive and enjoyable the further along it plays. From the offset there’s an easy to appreciate delicacy to the soundscape, and with this comes a quickly memorable melody and a generally strong, calming groove. What evolves following this though is a structurally effective and ever-changing piece of music and writing that manages to hold tight to your attention until the very end.

Where the opening moments introduce that soulful RnB melody, that moment of memorable familiarity that’s likely to stay with the listener long after listening, the later sections introduce contrasting levels of energy – and performances that impress in a totally different kind of way.

With the gentle ambiance of the majority of the track, the rap flow and pace that comes in later on hits with intense impact thanks to clever contrasting and significantly skillful delivery. Every voice that steps up to the mic adds something valuable, and that value seems to legitimately increase as the track pours through. Not only do the flawlessly rhythmic performances work perfectly in keeping that vibe strong and keeping you entertained, they also stay lyrically relevant to a very specific story-line.

You get the details more clearly later on, melody falls away to let concept drive the experience, so with each new listen you can connect a little more with the underlying sentiments – thus, for the smooth RnB and hip hop fans out there, this track quickly becomes an easy go-to when isolated escapism is needed; or a little time to consider things in more depth. It’s a good track to vibe to and share with those around you, but it’s a great track to sit back and calm down to. A well crafted release with worthy performances from all involved.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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