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you wouldn’t know him breaking an oath


Ambient acoustic grooves and stylish bass meet whispered, breathy layers of voice, as the elusive artist you wouldn’t know him, presents the poetic and contemplative depths of his album test of time.

Introducing the project, breaking an oath is a dreamy and intimate single, both vast and minimalist somehow – a quiet string of lyrics and ethereal guitars meeting the subtly jazz-kissed energy of hi-hats.

There’s an alternative warmth to the performance, an interesting fusion of melancholy and optimism, and despite the distance of the lyrics in this humble mix, the song presents a level of enchanting depth for its ability to increasingly prompt the mind to wander.

Inspired by the likes of Sufjan Stevens, PJ Harvey, Nick Drake, the style for me intertwined hints of country and shoegaze in the set-up, and a twist of Bon Iver in the folk vocal delicacy and lyrical vulnerability. The album continues to draw upon these influences, but breaking an oath remains one of the most distinct songs on offer – not least of all for its opening musicality; this pairing of the acoustic strum and the recognisable keys riff. The lyrics stand taller with each revisit, again employing juxtaposition between somewhat uncomfortable observations and the rising positivity of the tune.

It’s an intriguing and alluring style, and test of time delivers a wealth of escapism in having mastered it with such focused fascination.

Download the album test of time.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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