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YORKE Love N Hate (Tell Me The Difference)


YORKE slides into view with a gorgeously mellow beat and a blissfully delicate vocal performance to match on this latest single. Love N Hate (Tell Me The Difference) offers a long-form RnB melody not unlike the sort you’d hear from The Weeknd. There’s a lightness here though, no intensity or weight, the vocal is almost whispered for the most part – in keeping with the intimate nature of the songwriting and indeed with the softness of the soundscape.

The groove of this track is very easy to get into, there’s a classic and subsequently nostalgic aura to the whole thing – that vocal undoubtedly brings the sound into today’s realm though. In among all of this is the songwriting, the concept and the story-line at the heart of the experience. The title itself indicates a certain depth of thought that surpasses most contemporary pop offerings of late. Rather than simply asking a basic relationship question, there’s more of a hint of intricate consideration on life and the broader spectrum with this title, and as the lyrics pour through you notice more and more so the uniquely introspective style this writing clearly presents.

All in all, the gentle beat and the quietly expressive vocals work well together to create something refreshingly light and, as suggested, easy to get on board with. In terms of the artist, there’s a likelihood for longevity if this kind of writing continues to emerge. The whole thing is humble yet striking, calmly confident, loaded with emotional turmoil but careful in its introduction of this. Hopefully there’s a longer project en-route – a more extensive playlist of tracks as pensive as this would make for the perfect bit of escapism; the sort introverted music fans so often turn to.

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