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Yona Marie Baroque Music (Will You Remember)


Delivering a contemporary yet creative ode to Henry Purcell’s popular Aria Dido’s Lament, from the Baroque opera Dido and Aeneas, artist and producer Yona Marie promises an unexpected fusion of realms for this uniquely intriguing new single.

Adopting a somewhat retro RnB style and tone from a distance, the single goes on to bring in hints of lyric and musical detail that effectively offer up the epic nostalgia of yesteryear. Age-old fingerstyle intricacies and plenty of space, all intertwines with a modern take on the story, the concept, and the mood.

Essentially combining a love for multiple artforms, two passions under one blanket of expression, Baroque Music (Will You Remember) is an increasingly fascinating release, with a latter half that veers off into the emotion and ache of the opera performance in a completely powerful way.

An interesting reminder of music and art of the past, as well as a worthy introduction to a performer with a clear talent, a faultless vocal ability, and an unwavering love for the process.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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