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Yoblin The Grandfather Key


Dreamy electro vibes meet with heavy bass and the subtle crackle of creative distortion, as a deeply contemplative Yoblin utilises poetry and soothing vocals for an immersive, beautifully unique hit of escapism.

Faultlessly produced, The Grandfather Key makes fine use of a plethora of interesting layers and fragments of sound. From intimate, organic rhythms of a somewhat tribal, wooden-block-style realism, to sci-fi synths and the warming back and forth of the chord progression, the track keeps things hypnotic and calming – reminiscent of the likes of Massive Attack or Morcheeba to a degree.

On top of this, however, the voice presents an upfront guiding light – a story, a scene, a concept and character – which takes things to more expressive, focused indie realms for a true degree of identity.

Thought provoking, inspiring, and beautifully interesting – The Grandfather Key is a pleasure to lose yourself within. Creatively fresh and indicative of an act well worth tuning in for as future releases emerge.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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