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Yng Spk Devil In Denim


Prior to the release of his upcoming EP Life Of Games, expected late June, we take a glance through Yng Spk’s already extensive catalogue of original tracks.

One recent collection is the EP Devil In Denim, a fine example of the creative sound-play and contemporary rap style that consistently unite to make up Yng Spk’s sound.

From the ambient delicacy and contrasting rap pace and energy of Weight, the writing style feels fairly laid-back, confident and carefree – here to have fun, but contemplative of relationships and life on a subtle level. The dreamlike wash of the ambience furthers that thoughtful aura and notably juxtaposes many of the familiar, classic hip hop references that pop up throughout the lyrics. The hook is clever, quirky enough to stand out.

Demon Slayer switches things up production-wise and offers an almost oriental, manic yet gentle riff, a heavy bass-line and beat, and a varied vocal flow that again focuses in on intimacy and personal relations. Soon enough you recognise the Yng Spk style, the voice and the outpouring of thoughts – unedited and unconcerned.

Then with Die2020 we get something of an anthem, decidedly poignant considering the current state we all find our world in. Simple vocal repeats loop around in a hypnotic fashion, intertwined with a few faster bars and more of that lyrical honesty – some clever gems stand out for both contemporary references and again those deeply personal reflections on intimate issues. You get to connect with the artist on a purer level, which is ultimately what tends to lead to longevity on the scene.

Tonight works well as a mid-project track, and leads effectively into more of that topical relevancy for the chaotic, experimental Quarantine Team. The lyrics are far more interesting here, unexpectedly unusual enough to appeal on a broader level.

Hrtlss ends things with a touch of melody and calm. A story of heartbreak, regret and resentment – more of that personal story-telling and detailed truth that allows the audience to really relate. The perfect way to go out, another highlight for the stylish contrast between a heavy beat and a sense of emotion and vulnerability in the lyrics. Life Of Games will likely be all the more explorative of deeply human issues.

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