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YHN Hammertime Cash Out


YHN Hammertime leads with a quickly addictive hook on this latest single Cash Out – it’s one that’s admittedly familiar, in keeping with the recent influx of hip hop releases, but the ability to melodically entrance effectively among that is not so common.

The song thrives on a select few finely chosen elements. The hook is one, the placement of that melody in contrast with the lower tone of the verses. The soundscape is another – professionalism and creativity intertwine to create something a little more interesting than a simple loop. At the same time, layers of synths and EDM-inspired audio meet with a thick hip hop beat to create colour and optimism within the track.

Conceptually there’s a good heart at the core of the release. Adding to this likable intention is the sheer joy on the artist’s face in the accompanying video – that smile and that positive energy shine brightly; both rare qualities and very easy to appreciate in today’s musical climate.

YHN Hammertime ticks a lot of boxes in terms of the sound of contemporary alt-pop, offering melody and relatable ideas – along with character and familiarity all at once.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud. Find & follow YHN Hammertime on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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