Pristine sound design allows a bass-heavy introduction to contrast rather blissfully with some opposing, lighter layers of vocals, synths, details, to kick off a surprisingly creative Kisses from the one and only SO.

Hip Hop

Fusing the delicacy of a warming synth-soaked backdrop, with an equally gentle, nearly whispered, intimate vocal line, the song blends melody and rap in a simple, stylish and subtly infectious way.

Hip HopPopRnB

Kamryn Marie juxtaposes heavy, retro beats with a uniquely delicate, almost whispered leading vocal, and skillfully demands attention with her fine use of progressive melodies and poetic intention.

Washington D.C. pop-rockers Broke Royals keep the art of the concept album alive & well. Driving with sweeping instrumental warm, smooth guitars & an equally smooth yet emotionally loaded leading voice, Saint Luxury presents a collection of superbly written songs that each tie in somehow with the project’s underlying ideas.


Lil Dream collaborates with an array of producers and artists on this latest EP, driving with an immediately colourful musicality, and a clear sense of good vibes and rhythm.


The beautiful vocals on California Sunset mark Art Auré out as an exceptional and singular vocalist. The vocal range on display is highly accomplished, ranging from surprisingly low and intimate to fresh and impassioned, and the different vibrato speeds and incredibly elastic control are also extremely impressive.