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YH Blokboy Long Time (Feat. FMDboy)


Houston’s YH Blokboy stands tall on the back of a range of influences for this unique and heartfelt new single.

Stylishly blending an almost dance-hall-style aura, with a memorable hook melody and a subsequent rap verse that confidently and authentically tips its hat to the legends of the genre, Long Time is a complex and expressive, addictively honest new anthem – with more than a few elements that help make it shine.

The structure of the song and the way these genres are brought together is totally unexpected. That effected, RnB-style hook vocal comes suggestive of a deeper story, a sense of incoming weight and emotion, but there’s an optimism to this moment, so you’re still not quite prepared for the realism and intensity of the verse.

Later on, as you find yourself captivated by the rap vocal, the outpouring and the story, the hook becomes a welcomed and anticipated resolve, which in hindsight works beautifully within the walls of the song.

The whole thing is impressively creative, professional, and hard hitting. It doesn’t simply adhere to a single genre or rule, it presents a versatile artist, with an intention to speak the truth, and to revel in a clear, unwavering love for music in all of its forms. The voice is a big part of the identity, of course – that depth of tone and the faultless rhythm with which the bars are delivered – but the artistic nature of the soundscape undoubtedly helps elevate the entire release above the vast majority of its peers.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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