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Yashar. G’s latest offering UNRESPONSIVE has a distinctly calming mood about it. The artist’s leading voice lays soaked in reverb and rides softly alongside of the ambiance – his performance and its placement within the track bring a feeling of both rap and melody all at once.

Structurally the track evolves in a powerful way. Just as you think you know the system, the whole thing erupts into something new – the vibe changes after the first pause, exploding into something much more high energy, passionate, even chaotic. This again breaks down for the voicemail skit just after the centre point of the song. Then the ambiance rises back up, then the flow changes a little, and you really start to focus on the lyrics from here on in. As is always the case, Yashar. G’s work takes the form of a confident yet gradual builder, not providing anything other than the art of the moment, slowly but surely surrounding you in the story and the sentiment.

UNRESPONSIVE strikes as the perfect follow-up to Yashar. G’s previous releases. The calmness of the introduction lulls you into a false sense of security, these retro RnB or even jazz vibes unfold around you, then the lyricism seems to be a logical next scene in the story of his life. Soon enough the soundscape falls away and rebuilds itself as something that perhaps quite cleverly showcases the stop-and-start nature of a relationship in which someone is unresponsive. The silence is followed by the height of the energy and angst, followed by the calm, followed by the panic, and so on. The beat on this piece is superb and the rap vocal works in unison with the progression of the music in a really unique and gripping way. The further along you get, the more involved in the story you feel, and as stated – the lyrics really sink in more and more towards the latter half of the track. This release has an addictive quality in that listening one or two times over is simply not enough.

The rate at which Yashar. G is putting out classics right now, and the quality at which he presents them, is well worth tuning in for. Find & follow him on FacebookTwitter & Instagram.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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