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Yashar. G Satan’s Road


Yashar. G continues to impress with his latest release Satan’s Road. The track features a sensational backdrop, blissfully ambient and spacious with a thick and somewhat distant beat running consistently behind it. The mood set by the instrumentation alone is enough to soothe an unsettled mind. Add to this the now familiar sound of the artist’s voice, the gentle and mellow presentation of these lyrics, almost whispered to you on occasion, beautifully passionate at every moment, and flawlessly integrated within the mix.

It’s fair to say that even more vocal intricacies and characteristics come through on this recording than his previous releases. There’s a feeling of the performance being comfortable, naturally confident, and most importantly – heartfelt. The lyrics hold nothing back, from the light hearted and trivial to the darkness and depth of human emotion and struggle. The evolution from the rap to the melody is striking, and with every change you’re drawn back into the mood and ambiance of the entire song.

The track connects in a beautiful way, and for those who share or have experienced a similar truth, the honesty and realness is likely to have a huge impact. The production is musically creative and professionally finished, so that soundscape satisfies intensely. On top of this, the bass line, the warmth of this and the compressed and dreamlike beat, the varying vocal effects and the notable rise in energy and pace – for what feels like a calming and orchestral-meets-electronica offering of down tempo good vibes, Satan’s Road is more like a detailed and unpredictable journey through memories and musicality.

It’s a stunning track, the attention to detail is powerful, and the unity of everything involved working towards this final product, this artistic expression taking place over merely four and a half minutes, makes for a compelling and emotional experience.

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