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Yashar. G Fly Away


Yashar. G as an artist is an absolute story teller. Fly Away pulls you right into the centre of the action from the moment you press play. The music has the mellow and somewhat ambient aura of classic hip-hop and trip-hop combined, yet the artist’s lyricism and passion on top of this makes for a powerful contrast. It’s gripping to follow the lines along, to find yourself lost in both the music and the story line. It’s a refreshing experience and a really unique and characterful approach to hip-hop.

What adds to how impressive this is, is the artist’s awareness and utilisation of structure – something that is unfortunately not always appreciated in modern rap music. This particular sub-genre belongs to a reflective and thoughtful group of lyricists, but even so, many artists simply build or take a beat and then work their flow over the top of it. In this case, the music has been rightfully considered as an inherent part of the artistry, and you can hear this in the pauses, the changes, the way the music and the tone of his voice work in unison to portray the various evolving moments. It’s captivating to listen to, and adding the effect is the artist’s creative and ever changing flow; again always feeding into that tripped up beat and the ups and downs within the instrumentation. When things are calm, the flow is calm, and vice versa.

The song’s hook is important as it offers a peacefully melodic moment that again provides contrast and further appeal within the track. It’s a strong hook, not overly flashy or loud but simple and effective, meeting the mood and the concept of the song in a blissful way. The artist’s voice is the final factor to make this something special. There’s a definite sense of identity there, a certain tone and performance style that comes through as fresh and exciting. It’s also a pleasure to listen to a voice with just a few simple effects added to enhance the distance and thoughtfulness of the song, rather than to fit in with some industry standard or expectation. The track is free from influence, beautifully written, and flawlessly performed. Definitely an artist to look out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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