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Yashar. G Fly Away (Official Video)


Sometimes you forget how effective a well captured video can be in reigniting the fire of a mighty single. Yashar G has been on our radar for a while now, consistently putting out classics that stand tall among the crowd. Fly Away is a total highlight from his catalogue so far, and this latest official video release lets you get a little more insight as to the artist behind the music. Seeing him perform this, the passion in his movements, his highlighting of certain lines and words – it really makes the song resonate even more so than before.

The video has been perfectly captured for this track and as a result – I’m reminded of how uniquely interesting and compelling Yashar G’s music is. Fly Away is a track that utilises the simplicity of effective, meaningful, thoughtful lyrics, and expresses them in absolute unison with the surrounding soundscape. Rather than over-performing, trying too hard to impress with speed or wasted lines, Yashar G presents his writing skills and an intelligent approach to hip hop in a subtle but ultimately memorable manner. On top of this, the hook for this song gets right inside your mind. You walk away singing that melody, the concept connects in a way that makes you consider your own situation and the appeal of escape, and at the same time – the music itself allows you to escape or momentarily fly away into some other moment for a while.

The gritty atmosphere implied by the music and indeed the video works well for the reflective honesty of the song. In addition though, despite that grit and realness, the video has been beautifully crafted. It’s captivating to watch, not least of all due to Yashar G’s personality and presence. The quality of the experience is immense, certain shots really draw your focus and get you skipping back to re-watch them. This is a huge step forwards for Yashar G in that he has previously worked hard on the audio side of things (and rightfully so, the work pays off) – hopefully it’s the start of something big.

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