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Yashar. G Dear You (Feat. J’a Melodee)


Yashar. G has outdone himself once again with this latest release. The atmospheric and dream-like soundscape that unfolds is anything but the expected pathway of hip-hop, it lays a thoughtful foundation upon which the artist’s passionate and captivating rap performance shines beautifully.

The pace of the rap vocal offers a high energy contrast with the smoothness of the music and the accompanying, melodic vocal parts. The soundscape alone seems soaked a trip-hop inspired aura, yet the story-line and authentic emotion presented in the rap create a different mood. The entire track flies by so quickly, despite the calming ambiance of the music. When you listen over, which you will, as the lyricism has such a genuine and intriguing feel to it, there’s so much truth and realness at hand. The honesty and openness seems unedited, as real as it gets, and this takes you back a little as you listen. That contrast between music and performance is powerful, you hang on those words yet all the while you lose yourself in the ambiance. Those who have been through similar situations are likely to find their minds wandering off into the past.

Yashar. G is a fairly low-key rapper and artist in some ways, never flashy or over the top, offering the simplicity of skillful and passionate creativity, and that’s worth a whole lot. Dear You is incredibly compelling to listen to and conceptually it presents audiences with a whole new side to the rapper and lyricist behind it. Structurally the creativity continues, the last few moments present a softness, a melodic arena of exhaustion or acceptance or moving on. It adds to the overall emotional journey of the song really well, and furthermore – it leaves listeners with a lasting calm and a strong impression of the music and the identity of the artist.

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