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Yann Sella Turning Circles (Remixes)


With the hype that surrounded the original single and music video for Turning Circles; record label Subdust Music teamed up with remix platform WAVO, to offer producers and DJ’s the world over a chance to submit their take on the original track. From nearly 100 submissions; three winners were chosen for release.

The original release of Turning Circles was indeed more than enough in terms of powerful escapism or mood enhancement when it comes to music; EDM in particular. To listen to this new collection though is to realise the real strength of an idea and how differently that can be interpreted by other creatives who relate to it.

Ramzi Benlakehal kicks off the project and this version is simply stunning – an absolute, entrancing pleasure to have surround you. The quality and this fine balance between delicacy and crisp, gripping rhythms is all precisely as it needs to be. In this case, a sort of psy-trance warmth of energy and psychedelia lulls you into a meditative state – leaving you feeling either energized or calmed, depending on what you need from it.

The second remix, from Edenframe, brings about a thicker, harder hitting version at first, but the creative aspect comes in soon enough and sees the producer toy with the original building blocks in a gradual and increasingly compelling manner. The drop is brilliant, classically inspired but with its own independent direction nonetheless. Stunning synths hit with surprising impact during the latter half.

Signalfluss offers the final winning remix, a gentle and slightly Dario G-like piece with an overwhelming aura of possibility and rising energy about it. This one feels completely different, the mood and the ideas it conjures up in your mind contrast cleverly with anything that came before. A beautiful way to finish. As suggested, the original idea was one that could be interpreted in a number of ways, and this EP of remixes is a blissful testament to that.

The Turning Circles Remixes EP will be released as a Beatport exclusive on the 15th February – with full worldwide release on the 1st of March. Find & follow Yann Sella on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website. Check out the label SubDust here.

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