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Yana My Check


Yana brings the sound of the summer with this latest release My Check. Fusing a mellow, creative beat with a carefree and confident vocal flow, the artist offers up an infectiously energizing piece of music and writing with a quickly addictive hook.

This is the sort of release that feels all at once familiar and fresh, taking inspiration from the bigger hits of the past couple of decades, catering to a modern day audience lyrically – the empowering element, the motivation, the drive, the independence – yet also bringing through a fresh sense of character; a new voice, a new leader of the moment.

Empowering’s a good word, the confidence on the single is unquestionable, and the rhythm and riffs highlighted throughout represent and underline that with strength. Yana offers an entrancing melody line, an uplifting soundscape, and something you can listen to to get you hyped and ready to take action. A single listen is more than enough to get this track running through your mind for the rest of the day. The bass-line, the click, the space, the vocal tone, the lyrics, and as mentioned – that hook. Everything about it works in the way that any alternative pop track should in order to provide that inescapable, hypnotic ear-worm that keeps and audience coming back. The finish is crisp and satisfying and the song leaves its mark in a solid way.

As a voice for the independents, maybe even the quietly independent, Yana works to encapsulate that sense of possibility and power, particularly for the young women who stumble upon her sound. That level of self-belief is contagious in a great way, and production-wise the song has been crafted brilliantly, so everything just works, everything stands tall when it should. Defiantly an artist to look out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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