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Yan P Gold Links (Feat. Tymn)


Yan P brings hip hop fans a colourful and uplifting musicality to accompany his unique vocal tone and flow in a quickly entertaining way.

Gold Links¬†leads with an impressive beat, creative and spacious, made up of a few effective and calming riffs – not hiding behind volume or weight or effects; not needing to. Lyrically the track holds close to themes often touched upon in much of contemporary hip hop – there’s familiarity in these phrases and ideas, but Yan P utilizes that to draw an audience; he later showcases a clear sense of freedom and character.

The flow grows to impress more and more-so as the track pours through. Both artists featured on the track adjust well to its vibe, keeping things interesting yet always relevant and in line with the mood of the music. A crisp and clean finish lets the rhythm and optimism of the whole thing fill the room in a bright and memorable fashion.

There’s personality here, alongside of a clear understanding of what works in music and how important rhythmic unity is – Yan P connects with the beat, and this makes the performance all the more satisfying. Short lines grab attention subtly but surely. Gold Links sounds good, simply put – an easily likable single with a strong groove.

Download the single via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Yan P on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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