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YaBoiM.O.E Strictly For My M.O.Etivators


An aptly-titled exclusive for the fans, YaBoiM.O.E releases a brand new EP of originals, openly tackling the current issues of our world whilst igniting a love for the classic weight and clarity of organic, authentic hip hop.

The collection’s opener leads with a dramatic sense of rising anticipation, blending horns and vocal fragments with a hypnotic hook of nostalgic RnB tendencies.

Soon enough we get into the meat of the raps, the artist’s core energy and wordplay keeping things fresh and loaded with identity regardless of topic. In this case there’s a conceptual pulse to the writing that suits the level of vastness of the music, introducing the project well.

In contrast, Back Then delivers a simple riff for a yesteryear hip hop vibe with a catchy hook to match. Still the verses showcase M.O.E at his finest, mixing things up in the flow and performative presence but still keeping things cleanly produced and impressive lyrically. Without error the vocal switches gears repeatedly, connecting for its rhythmic appeal, the recognisable tone of the rapper, and the overall commitment to the subject.

While there are threads like these throughout the EP, there’s also a welcomed degree of versatility – and plenty of memorable melodies to reinforce the playlist’s full appeal.

7 Days a Week makes for a fine example, a mellow groove and heartfelt story of detailed scenes and reflections. YaBoiM.O.E captivates in the way that rappers from a simpler era once did. This one is colourful, smooth and inspiring – motivational, as promised by the album’s undertones.

The Feels is another that makes fine use of dance and RnB warmth for a melodic groove that naturally sets the mood. M.O.E’s fearless way with both singing and rapping works well to offer up a clear sense of leadership and creative confidence within the scene.

World End marks a heavy highlight and feels topically intense, relevant and relatable, whilst offering one of the project’s most musically hooky and immersive tracks for its pristine arrangement and the faultless outpouring vocally. An absolute stand-out and well-worth hearing.

Then there’s the atmospheric intrigue of Clarity, featuring AP RichPorter, a classic anthem of emotional depth and poetic power, utilising musical simplicity as the vocals lure you in and the whole thing again inspires and softly motivates. Beautifully crafted, another highlight – admittedly from a project that refuses to lower the bar throughout.

Check out YaBoiM.O.E’s Website for more information & sign up to the email list for exclusive access to the EP.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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