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X Scouts Narcissus


Introducing an hypnotic downpour of multi-layered colour and vibrancy, X Scouts delivers a uniquely mesmerising audio-journey, for Narcissus.

Engaging on the one hand for its impressively complex and beautiful instrumentation, Narcissus begins as something specific, and evolves to become something else entirely. What works perfectly well as an uplifting instrumental venture, soon injects a humble character-lead in the form of deeply human sentiments; delivered calmly yet with purpose by our vocalist.

The whole thing suddenly becomes about this artistic and revealing progression, an exploration of self and regret, longing and wonder, rather than simply a song. And at the same time, Narcissus proves incredibly catchy at its peak – dreamy and heartbreaking, original in tune and structure.

Intertwined amidst all of this are nostalgic layers of synth, keys and rhythm, all raining down with a certain recognisable prowess in and of itself. The humility of the voice is unexpected yet endearing, and allows these deeply thoughtful lyrics to pierce through the fullness of the soundscape with authenticity and heart.

Brilliantly unusual, familiar yet not at all, X Scouts creates from a place of genuine emotion and skill, and the results speak volumes. Imagine something like electro-pop, with an experimental edge of creative composition; and a profound lyrical core.

Download or stream Narcissus here. Check out X Scouts on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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