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X. ARI Something


X. ARI presents softly whispered yet flawless vocals on this near acoustic offering Something. The song has the building blocks of a pop hit, showcasing a simple hook that repeats in a rhythmic manner as a breakaway from the longer form nature of the verses.

The verses really take advantage of the moment and meander freely whilst the concept builds momentum and gains clarity. As this happens, the acoustic ambiance also builds upon its layers and warmth – the entire soundscape rises up with the singer’s own passion as the song reaches its various peaks. In the end, there’s a hint of trip-hop to the delicacy of the sound, but the whole thing subtly hits in the way that any radio-ready ear-worm ought to.

The second time you hear this, there’s a slightly classic or nostalgic vibe to that opening guitar sound and its meeting with these soulful RnB-style vocals. Something is a love song at its core, and you can feel this in the energy throughout – there’s a certain brightness and optimism at work, particular during the resolve of that hook. The complexity of the verses is calmed by the simplicity of the chorus, and X. ARI deals with each and every one of these turning points in a natural and seemingly effortless way.

The song feels real because the performance is so honest and heartfelt. Then as the soundscape gathers intensity, the feeling multiplies – the energy grows stronger, and for those who find themselves in a similar situation as talked about in the track, this makes for the perfect modern anthem to re-connect and move forward with a significant other. It’s a beautiful song that builds up gorgeously and yet works its magic whether the moment is pure and acoustic or fully vibrant and colorful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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