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World Went Crazy Bad Influenced EP


Driving with soulful intentions and poetic depths, combined with a deeply immersive manner of crafting strong grooves, collaborative rap outfit World Went Crazy capture the essence of original hip hop, with Bad Influenced.

For an opener, Oakland Coliseum ignites an immediate sense of euphoric passion that’s both captivating and inspiring to listen to at volume. Gripping bars from each rapper deliver a handful of clever rhymes and honest reflections on modern life, showcasing impressive wordplay as well as a respectable degree of authenticity in telling stories of real-world turmoil and relevance.

With collaboration comes natural versatility, and Lowell Park shines light on this with ease – suddenly piano-led, with a pop vocal hook and clapped rhythm, as well as a now inspiring, hopeful and uplifting progression through another deeply-personal yet accessible story.

Beautifully crafted, the track feels like a slept-on classic, nostalgic and simple yet striking, and leads us into the softer style and heartfelt vulnerability of Lowell Park II. Always we’re enthralled in this progression of reflections and ideas that help effectively bridge the gap between artist and audience.

One last twist of creative freedom comes in the form of Sweet Jimmie’s, wrapping up the EP with a big-band, New York-style mood that’s again addictive and energising as it introduces a multitude of faultlessly rhythmic vocal bars, and a contrastingly mellow, melodic hook.

Also recently released was the single Bad At Being Good, suddenly chilled and beautiful in its poetic imagery, wordplay, soulful softness and personal confidence all uniquely intertwined.

Laying bare yet another side to the eclectic, uninhibited World Went Crazy, the song has the makings of an indie classic, and connects for its purity and soulful intentions as much so as the sharp, concise writing and the purposeful nature of the performances.

Check out World Went Crazy on Instagram or their Website.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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