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Wonderboy Reckless


Featuring a heavy beat and contrastingly hypnotic, synth-soaked ambiance, Wonderboy’s new single Reckless proceeds to showcase a laid-back freestyle sort of outpouring; which lines up well with the track’s implied concept.

Showcasing a few changes in flow, as per the evolving stages of the soundscape, Reckless utilizes short bars and quirky contemporary references. It’s all designed to flex, yet this quiet and somewhat tired vocal tone adds a certain humble aura, and by the final moments the lyrics seem to branch out into a deeper thinking realm – questioning what all of this about. It’s a subtle nuance that opens up the floor a little, and provokes interest in future releases.

Emerging with a similar set-up and haunting use of repetition and rhythm to much of the modern hip hop scene, Wonderboy has made to sure to enjoy the process, and this shows lyrically both here and on the rest of his releases to date. There’s a multitude of originals over on Soundcloud, some laying bare a faster pace, different energy levels, different stories – all in keeping with this natural style the artist embraces.

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