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WLFGNG_ Wlfgng Aint Loyal


High-octane vocals bring melody, passion and grit, as rapper and artist WLFGNG blends heavy bass-work, dreamy production and strength of songwriting, for a no-fucks-given anthem that quickly sets the bar.

Devotedly confident, melodic yet fierce at the same time, Wlfgng Aint Loyal showcases a truly carefree yet purposeful way with writing and performance. The title shines light on what to expect, and the music effectively utilises contemporary trap rhythms and alternative vocal stylings for a sound that naturally connects with the current scene.

Showcasing a subtle touch of OnCue in the tone but an overall fearlessly eccentric performance style, that refreshing twist of identity or character is a defiant strength, something that will no doubt stand tall throughout WLFGNG’s releases across the board. With his following swiftly expanding, it seems the results speak volumes.

Subtle hints of raspy expression and emotion pour through elsewhere, but for Wlfgng Aint Loyal the mood is clear from the outset, and the music and vocals unite well to represent that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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