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Witz Leaving


Thick eighties bass-lines and beats combine on this near-Stranger-Things-esque electro-pop release from Witz. Contrasting a heavy soundscape with a light, boy-next-door kind of vocal, and a melody that seems to reflect a joyful walk in the park – Leaving is a coming-of-age kind of tale that digs into life and its unexpected chapters.

The song offers a multitude of lyrics, a long-form melodic development that takes you through the stages of the story – thoughts on the past followed by consideration of the future; that things will never be the same. Meanwhile, that electro pop weight increases, gradually gathering momentum and bending towards a Daft Punk / Kanye (Stronger) sort of direction. Really though, all of these are small details, the song on the whole feels genuinely fresh right now – tipping its hat to the Owl City days melodically and with the vocal effects, but lyrically and instrumentally paving its own way; even leaning towards EDM during those vocal breaks.

Witz has written a song from the heart with this, the brightness and perhaps even the conflicting elements within the music help reinforce the depth of the song and how vastly the story-line is affecting the protagonist. Leaving any situation can be difficult, even bad ones in some cases – we adjust to routines, so change can be scary, overwhelming. Still, the major chords and the general bounce and positivity of the presentation help underline that things may well be OK; perhaps even better than ever.

It’s a great song, an alternative pop hit with plenty to like about it, and plenty that’s enjoyably original at present.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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