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Witz Calling Me Home


Witz has crafted a pop-dance classic with this latest release, one that builds up beautifully and drops in with a likably retro wave of synths and colours.

Calling Me Home is a simple song in theory, a melodic rise through the verses sees the singer’s level of passion increase both vocally and lyrically. The story-line is decidedly personal, though not overly detailed so as to rob the listener of their own involvement within it. You can attach these lyrics to your own relationships or experiences within life, and this music is surprisingly uplifting as you do so.

What appear as slightly classic gamer-like sounds and samples rain down around you, adding vibrancy and energy to the moments between vocals. These instrumental breaks are a huge part of what gives the song such an enjoyable and quite refreshing vibe. The louder you listen, the stronger the effect. The same increase can actually be experienced with each revisit.

Witz has approached the process with optimism and drive, self-awareness starts things off but the ultimate takeaway is a sense of possibility and belief in better; as well as the ever-comforting call of home. That rising energy works in a subtle but satisfying way, and the entire set-up and structure of the song helps give it a genuinely alternative and new aura.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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