WINLOVE - On My Time - Stereo Stickman



WINLOVE brings the color and bounce back to the colder seasons, with a single and video aptly designed to lift the mood – On My Time delivers the goods, and showcases a rapper and artist with great flow, personality and presence.

Emerging complete with a set of visuals boldly reinforcing the self-indulgence and optimism at the heart of this pop-hip-hop fusion single, On My Time celebrates the value of appreciating a little me-time, and promises a summer-vibes ear-worm and captivating storyboard in the same instance.

Intertwining a naturally infectious hook melody and concept, with impressive verses blending a rhythmic flow and increasing passion and energy, the track undoubtedly highlights the very best of the WINLOVE approach to making music.

Production-wise we’re gifted a nostalgic nineties arrangement of dreamy guitars and vocal layers, a timeless clap of a beat and a mighty meandering bass-line. Walking hand-in-hand with this is WINLOVE’s own devotedly upbeat, smooth and recognizable vocal-play. The chemistry hits just right.

Classic Hip Hop during the verses, quicker bars for the latter half, a pop-ready hook that effortlessly keeps its tune lingering in the mind of the listener – On My Time reminds its audience to feel free within the moment, to treasure time spent alone, but also to not take life too seriously.

It’s a balance that works quite beautifully – an impressive indie hit with an undeniable professionalism about everything from the writing to the production and official video. Kick your feet up and get into the blissful good vibes of the summer all over again.

Download One My Time via Apple. Find WINLOVE on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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