Winchester 7 & The Runners - My Super 8 - Stereo Stickman

Winchester 7 & The Runners My Super 8


Nostalgic good vibes aplenty make this an easy track to drift off to – and to briefly forget you’re writing it up…

Winchester 7 and the Runners always create from the heart and with a certain air of original rock and roll, and My Super 8 is far from the exception. In this case though, colourful riffs and a calming, uplifting melody set a bright and immersive mood from the outset, and the song’s lyrics go on to further this sense of peace and appreciation.

Featuring an equally retro, nostalgic series of clips for the video, the release utilises poetic reflection to tell a tale of contemplation, big dreams and story-telling. Lines like ‘In between the frames is where you’ll find me – fade into the colour of your eyes..’ – these add a certain thoughtful sense of wonder, which unites with the calming, hypnotic nature of the music, to allow listeners a real moment of depth and freedom from the weight of the world.

Great riffs lead the way, and that classically raw, vintage production style that allows the band’s music to speak so genuinely on simpler times. A beautiful single, timeless and easy to let play.

Check out our interview with Winchester 7 & the Runners for more information. Find & follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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