Willy x Tally x NMG - it’s a bad time (Prod. Internetboi) - Stereo Stickman

Willy x Tally x NMG it’s a bad time (Prod. Internetboi)


Stylishly blending pop-punk vocals with an emotive, uplifting soundscape, and an emo-rap delivery that’s quick to connect, this collaborative new single showcases a Lil Peep influence and a strong sense of intimacy and personal struggle.

Emerging complete with a fairly raw, homemade video, the single is refreshingly honest. The hook kicks things off and delivers a simple melody, a simple repeat and an outline of regret for choices from the past.

Then as each artist steps up to the mic we get a variety of flows, different perspectives, some a little more angsty, others fairly poetic and thoughtful. There’s talk of Deep emotions being concealed, displaying a kind of vulnerability that’s rarely found in hip hop and alternative pop.

Standing tall on the back of a likeable soundscape from producer Internetboi, it’s a bad time encapsulates the very implications of its title right the way through. However, if you were to mute to clip and only watch the visuals, you might fill in some of the gaps with classic good vibes from hip hop past and present. What you actually get here though, is a notably contemporary style, and a complete willingness to be entirely open in front of an audience. It’s an easy anthem to escape into whenever things get tough.

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