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willro Queen Of Hearts


Beautifully hypnotic vocals deliver a poetically observational, heartfelt lyricism, alongside a notably engaging, retro yet cinematic soundscape for this powerful new single from willro.

Showcasing a consistently creative, unpredictable manner of composition, Queen Of Hearts keeps things familiar with an upfront and clear vocal line, yet also throws in more than a few layers of artistry and character throughout its post-four-minute lifespan. This includes a complete instrumental fall away, the sudden intensity of distorted, heavy synths, and the contrasting lightness of that vintage vinyl crackle to accompany certain moments of softness and intimacy.

Take my life with my heart so I don’t have to feel’ resounds and repeats halfway through, that beautifully emotive and honest vocal connecting for its purity and quiet passion. Before now, intriguing lyrics captivated, right before the soundscape cleverly embraced and enveloped listeners. Soon enough, you’re swept away on the sheer uncertainty and ache of the lyrics, the mood of the chord progression, and the creative intensity and lostness of the music.

The back and forth between weight and softness is mighty, and the creative angle blends gorgeously with the poetic vulnerability of the lyrics.

Fantastic, easily one for the long-term playlist, and a fine follow-up to the previous single Wine Stains. I look forward to hearing more from willro.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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