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William Preat Golden


William Preat hits with a heavy beat among a mellow soundscape and a characterful vocal on this single Golden. There’s an enjoyable sense of space within the track, a minimalist aura that feels quiet and calm. A few simple chords, some light synths presenting them, and an easy-going, quickly memorable melody – all of this works well to leave a mark. You remember and recognise the track in an instant, and even just a minute into it you know how to follow the flow along; a common calling card of effective pop music.

Once you start to dig a little deeper, Preat’s voice and indeed the lyrics he offers up add a bit more depth to the process. The style of his vocal performance and indeed the tone and personality that come through in his voice – all of this introduces a definite level of identity that helps make it likely you’ll know his sound in the future.

The lyrics have an accessible, contemporary feel for the most part – as does the music, though admittedly this slightly humble, even retro set-up does offer something a little fresh in that department. Just occasionally the lyrics too suggest there’s a little more of a thought process underneath it all – You don’t see enough, while I’m seeing stuff – hopefully a quality indicative of future releases that will perhaps delve a little deeper into the personal story-line or perspective.

As it stands, this accessible, all inclusive approach works well in making this an easy release to vibe to. There’s familiarity in the way the whole thing pours through. There’s not a common set-up, it doesn’t feel verse-chorus-like, it just emerges and moves along like an ambient hip hop loop; adding further to that laid back, calming energy.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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