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Will Smiff Dogg & BUGZEE LIX Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music


Stylishly blending talents, intentions and freshly creative hits that energise and impress – BUGZEE LIX joins forces with Will Smiff Dogg for an aptly mega 33-track album that is Metaverse Rapstars: Meta Music.

Conceptually a relevant ode to the recent breaking news from Zuckerberg’s corner, the project kicks into gear with the colourful and uplifting, cleanly mixed College Metaverse, and the good vibes, clever bars and classic production quickly light up the room.

Fight Suit in the Metaverse makes for an early stand-out for its pace, the power of the vocal, and the uniquely dreamy, multi-layered synth embrace of the soundscape. Great bars, creative as ever, a definite moment of elevation.

Later on, Algorithm Fuckery captures attention for the hypnotic musicality, the unexpected sound-design, and the sheer precision and pace of the vocal outpouring. The topical note obviously intrigues, particularly given the album concept, and the track makes for a bold and fearless indicator of the freedom, intelligence and confidence of the BUGZEE LIX and Will Smiff Dog sound and style.

Elsewhere, the sudden piano-lead of Fall Away shines light on versatility, promising soulfully delicate vocals and poetry, to contrast the weight and pace of the story and incoming distorted rhythm.

Once again, the music is refreshingly creative, and the stories keep things original, focused on detail and scene-setting in the way that rap albums from the genre’s history once did.

Maintaining a consistently nostalgic musicality, especially with the clarity of the vocals, the album also weaves in a clear degree of relevancy to the younger audiences currently making the climb from youthful freedom to adulthood. At the same time, it makes sure to include more than a few moments of broadly accessible energy and storytelling.

On that note, other highlights naturally include the single WAP Pr0blems, with its retro synth backdrop, the fuzz, the rhythm, and the continuously engaging and revealing story.

A heavy project, plenty to make your way through, and naturally worth more than a few streams over the coming months and years. Brilliantly eclectic, never faltering on those topical threads but also injecting laid-back anthems of stylish originality.

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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