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Will Martins O Céu Sobre Os Teus Ombros (The Sky Over Your Shoulders)


Composer and artist Will Martins crafted the soundtrack for the movie O Céu Sobre Os Teus Ombros (The Sky Over Your Shoulders) – a project that appeared at numerous film festivals and won two renowned awards along the way.

The film itself showcases the story of a man driving his car, alone, encountering a series of seemingly trivial but strangely captivating events that proceed to see his thoughts and behavior delve deep into his own existence and isolation. The scenes are really well shot, the starring actor and his reactions to the plot make for a compelling watch.

With there being mainly one visible character throughout (for the most part), the film features limited dialogue, so the visuals, the scenery, the body acting, and finally – the music – are what the film relies upon in order to truly connect. Throughout the fifteen minute experience you can feel the change from confidence to turmoil, that outward strength recoiling as inner struggle and desperation kick in. You witness the leading character evolving, his state of mind and his perception altering for good. The music that comes into play helps drive this progression through in a powerful way. The raw energy and vibrancy of the closing track presents a defiant sense of movement and overcoming – a switch in mood, an ascending to higher plains, but also; a reminder of that original swagger and style that began the journey.

Will Martins is a composer and musician with a multitude of skills to his name and a collection of impressive compositions and collaborations under his belt to date. The quality of his work is unquestionable, as is the passion and creativity with which he approaches each project. Undoubtedly one to look out for. Cinematic and stylish musicality that helps build striking connections between the art and its audience.

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O Céu Sobre Os Teus Ombros (The Sky Over Your Shoulders) from Luiz Maximiano on Vimeo.

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