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Will Adams Corona Lament


Ever a master of acoustic delicacy, Will Adams delivers a brand new song straight from the confines of lockdown.

A live clip, lost in the moment and visually presenting a barely moving shot of a room that likely appears familiar to many right now, Corona Lament details the global struggles and phrases currently being thrown around, from the virus’ origins to communism, and the bizarre toilet roll obsession.

There are undertones of blame, amidst anger, sadness, isolation, yet all of this emerges alongside an unexpectedly bright chord progression. Will remains one of the most captivating and skilful acoustic guitarists on the indie scene, and this is another fine example of precisely that. At the same time, his breathy, whispered vocals create a compelling ambiance, which further helps the performance stand tall and draw you in; holding attention for its purity and realness.

Undoubtedly an outpouring of the many feelings and uncertainties that are swamping us all, Corona Lament speaks from the present moment, connecting for its softness, and its arrangement of recognisable references; which none of us had in common just six months prior to now.

Strange, unsettling times, but as is the human way – with great difficulty comes music and art.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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