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Wildnite Days Of No Trust


Wildnite break things down to the raw and acoustic for the single Days Of No Trust. Their heavier side still shines brightly, there’s a depth to this – think back to the days of MTV unplugged, Alice in Chains and the likes, this alternative, progressive hard-rock sound when stripped of its distortion and weight. Days Of No Trust is a beautiful song, but more than this – it’s been beautifully performed here. Wildnite maintain a level of soulful grit when they perform, even in this minimalist setting – there are only the voices and the real-time strum of an acoustic guitar – even now, the power of the performance reaches out and connects.

From a songwriting perspective, there’s a strong balance within this single between the emotionally personal and that which is a little more widely relatable. They take their time to say something valuable, the delicate setting reflects this well – there’s vulnerability to the story-line and indeed to the naked sound of the leading voice. The song’s hook is equally smooth and raw, but it brings a few additional vocals and something of a lyrical resolve; summarizing the struggle at the heart of the writing. Things hold close to a humble soundscape for the most part, but still there’s a contrast between the verse and the hook, and this lifts you up as it pours through – it reaches out to those inner difficulties and makes things feel a little better.

The latter half of the song sees the group burst into life with the high-octane vibrancy of their full-band sound. The guitars, the bass, the drums, the added vocals and the sudden increase in passion – this evolution is perfectly well represented within the walls of the song. Where you may assume these opening moments hit with impact, the latter ones undoubtedly bring even more strength to the stage. A superb song, awesomely performed and captured.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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