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Wild Sloth Tunnel Vision EP


Beautifully uniting the weight and warmth of House music with the uplifting and hypnotic journey of intricate melodic progressions, creative producer Wild Sloth crafts blissful hits of escapism throughout this inspiring new instrumental EP.

Beginning with the title-track, Tunnel Vision kicks in with pristine rhythm and finish – faultless compression and mixing to bring through a nostalgic yet crisp and immersive rhythm and synth wash.

Soon enough, we’re introduced to the lighter side of the spectrum, the rise and fall of the melody, and later – a subtly intensifying build-up for the final drop.

Superb. More than worth experiencing through a top quality sound system or noise cancellers.

As the project continues, Makes Me Go switches gears with a dash of sax and a notably more energised, dance-floor ready yet suddenly soulful vocal approach.

The blissful euphoric effect strikes up a little sooner here, the track offering both the threads of vocal melody and personality to draw in a broader audience – as well as a simple sax riff to give it that easily recognisable aura. Summer-time ready and as skilfully mixed as ever.

With Grenade, creativity impresses yet again – the rise and drop starting things off with a late-night fuzz and aptly explosive progression. Different stylings, a different mood and a far more gritty landscape help really underline a whole new level of versatility from the Wild Sloth corner. This one envelops you in a more simplistic yet addictive, tech-house hypnotic kind of manner.

Bringing the short yet engaging collection to a finish is a track that takes the darker qualities of Grenade and wholly maximises on them. Umami is heavy, fast-paced and intense, utilising a simple melody to loop consistently over a progressive and ever-evolving beat.

This is the peak of the journey, the energetic climax or the final scenes of Tunnel Vision encapsulated. Things rise up, the mood brightens, the grit unites with an uplifting sense of awakening or optimism, and the dance-core seems to cross borders between genres – welcoming in both the alternative and mainstream fans for one last riot in the realm.

Brilliant. Too short, if anything, but always better to leave an audience wanting more. Enjoy at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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