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White Label Analog Everybody Knows


White Label Analog drive with uplifting songwriting on this latest release. The single and the video combined give off an energizing sense of togetherness and a valuable appreciation for the way things are. Gratitude and good vibes are at the heart of the song, and the band’s arrangement and performance of it fortunately delivers this in the best possible way.

White Label Analog have an organic indie sound to their music – this song is fairly spacious in some respects, but it builds up in warmth and detail as it moves along. There are dashes of electronic pop mixed in to add further colour to the outer edges of the hook, but aside from this you can feel the raw energy and realness of the entire recording, and that’s always a pleasure to experience when done well.

Everybody Knows is a beautiful song, beautifully conceptual with heartfelt, kind intentions, and beautifully performed and captured on this recording. The chorus of vocals alongside of the opening acoustic aura makes for something that feels light, even pretty Рthen you get the slight grit of the leading voice, something with a touch of punk-pop to it. As the track builds, the scene is set before you, the layers of story-line and instrumentation are added one by one, and slowly but surely the whole thing just surrounds and embraces the listener in a classically enjoyable way.

There’s also a touch of anthemic value to the sound, particularly the hook, and this – along with the organic style – makes for something that would undoubtedly provide a huge moment at a live show for everyone involved. An easy song to love and one that’s notably recognisable right now, every time it reappears.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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