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Westside Tray Holiday Season (Lyric Video)


Hook-free and focused on clever wordplay and classic confidence on the scene, Westside Tray’s Holiday Season emerges complete with a lyric video that helps his smartly crafted bars captivate all the more-so.

A simple anthem of a hip hip track, the release features a retro yet crisp soundscape, and an upfront vocal lead from the artist himself. The opening verse moves with details and story-telling – quirky references and consistency throughout the bars. As the track goes on though, something more of a freestyle energy kicks in – and still Tray holds close to the natural flow of the beat, his vocal rhythm never falling below par.

All the while, descending synths add a certain lightness in the backdrop, alongside a distorted bass-line that’s still fairly gentle but contrasts enough to help reinforce a bigger vibe.

Certain production details help reinforce the rising passion of the performance from Tray – a delivery that progresses from mellow to mildly intense in its declaration of making it big, competing and learning how to win.

The vocal clarity works well to give Westside Tray a definite sense of identity – a recognisable tone and style that will easily prove a calling card throughout his future releases.

Stream the track on Soundcloud. Check out Westside Tray on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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