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West of Corey Misty Mound


Rush, Queen, Guns’n’Roses, Led Zep, Van Halen – their spirits have sneaked into a studio and put together Misty Mound under the banner of West of Corey!

Coming out of the traps sounding like Brian May riffing on Tie Your Mother Down, Misty Mound explodes into a fizzing drum kit that’s working with the bass to nail down a slinky, rocky riff that trips along with huge energy and intelligent, dynamic changes.

The verse scampers at such a pace, it feels like the backing track and vocals are in a race to get to the pre-chorus! When they get there, the rhythm opens up in a cool, laid-back set of riffs and arpeggiating guitars that give space for rolls around the kit – before the vocals deliver a hooky pop chorus (with ascending bass and guitar lines).

I’d like to believe that Misty Mound was recorded live, from the guttural ‘Huh!’ that introduces the vocals to the organic and human amount of feel to the groove laid down by the rhythm section. There’s also some push-and-pull between the syncopation of the vocal with the backing track that    would seem to indicate it. If so, it’s even more impressive – the interplay and musical virtuosity between the musicians is a thing of joy! The liquid drum fills and bursts of melodic bass are tremendously entertaining.

With a controlled and tuneful Geddy Lee-esque vocal from Janine Taft and a wide palette of dynamic sensitivity, Misty Mound, from its prog title to its rocking 3 piece combo roots, has all the hallmarks of a terrific and accomplished  rock’n’roll romp.

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Chris Porter


As well as writing about music, Chris Porter is a songwriter, singer, producer & vocal coach. He has written for all manner of international artists, including Dagny, Dzeko, and hit the No.1 spot with Thailand’s Singto Numchok. His music has had thousands of placements on film, TV & radio all around the globe.

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