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West Ingston Bone Apple Tea


Crisp acoustic guitar, catchy melodies and heartbreak fuse amidst the subtle grit of a contemporary progression – West Ingston keeps things musically fresh and conceptually pure, as a poetic and moving Bone Apple Tea relays the ache of toxicity in love.

Unique in multiple ways but also in keeping with the emo-alternative tendencies of the current scene, West Ingston leads with appealing songwriting that refreshes – the imagery, this new take on love lost, the production and the clear musicality.

A musician by nature, with piano and guitar paving the way but also a notable understanding of what works in modern music, Ingston’s willingness to be vulnerable meets with talent and identity for a release that really stands tall.

Melancholic yet strangely uplifting in groove, with a dash of Jason Mraz during the drop, woven in to an otherwise alt-pop, interesting angle of modern indie and even rap during certain phrases – Bone Apple Tea is simple yet effective.

The single draws you in with that title, the visuals further this, and ultimately the song and the voice (in writing and tone) work hard to keep you involved. Stylish and genuine – well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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