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Wes Dean American Dream


An engaging pop-rock soundscape instantly presents the chords and musicality to allow listeners to escape evocatively into the mix. Following this, a story of struggle and painfully familiar observations make up the distinct and heartfelt American Dream.

Wes Dean is the artist, an unmistakable vocalist with a clearly accessible tone to both his performance style and the fearlessly revealing nature of his writing. American Dream explores the apparent illusion of its conceptual promise, moving back and forth between ambition, possibility, and sheer devastation.

The reality for so many individuals and families these days is no doubt far from the so-called American Dream, and the cinematic weight and deeply personal vocals combined for this single deliver that truth in a boldly moving and provocative manner.

Wes Dean connects for his musical ability, purposeful songwriting, and the clear authenticity and likability of his guiding voice. Again, that quality extends from the literal tone and sound of the voice, right out into the depths of the lyrics and the powerfully immersive nature of the production.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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